What is SafeWojak?

Crypto Due Diligence Trading Platform for Retail Traders

3 min readJun 8, 2021

SafeWojak is a retail friendly due diligence platform which aims to alleviate traders from falling victim to unaudited and malicious token contracts.

The platform will equip crypto traders with the necessary tools to perform adequate risk assessment, screening, charting and advanced trading.

Wojaks Celebrating a Successful Bull Market Revival

What influenced the founders to create SafeWojak?

Giving crypto traders enhanced due diligence is the main goal of SafeWojak. From the Bitconnect to Onecoin, cryptocurrency has been rampant with traps that would trick the unsuspecting investor. We have seen ICOs that don’t ever list, to YouTube streams with suspicious wallet addresses that claim to double the amount that you send.

A question we often get asked is what makes us different from existing charting and trading platforms. The answer; we plan to provide traders with Wojak-friendly qualitative data that can’t be interpreted through quantitative analysis of price action, volume or even web scraping results. Bringing SafeWojak into adoption will help prevent many existing and future crypto traders from being victims of scams, rugs, honeypots, dumps and more.

SafeWojak’s Purpose: Giving Crypto Traders Peace of Mind

How does your token work?

As an initiative to provide investors with another chance, we
have introduced SafeWojak in order to bring hope to these
investors. 5% of every transaction done on SafeWojak gets
placed into a pool, 60% of which is given back to holders while
40% is sent to our managed LP wallet for platform
development, administration and marketing costs. The demand
for liquidity within our token is based on three simple and easy
to understand factors:

  1. Users who subscribe to our platform must hold $WOJAK.
  2. Perpetual intrinsic demand fueled by community members.
  3. The demand for subsequent releases including:
  • SafeWojak.com (Screener, Charting & Trading Platform)
  • WojakSwap.com, WojakDEX.com and Wojak.ai

All of this is an effort to alleviate some of the troubles we have
seen with the current DeFi tokens. We are confident that our
platform, token model and protocol will prevail over the
outdated reflection tokens for these reasons.

Wojak Enjoying the Bull Market

What are our goals for the platform in the upcoming months?

Our goal; to develop a simple yet robust platform where users are able to vet existing projects, view chart/order data as well as trade both manually and with predefined algorithms.

The best part; holders are also rewarded with our own token upon every transaction completed. With the launch of our platform, we will be able to use the momentum to create a defi ecosystem — complete with a yield farming aggregator based on BSC tokens. From there we will grow to produce various ecosystem features such as a DEX, BSC bridge and wallets.

Wojak Being Safe in a Bull Market

How can I learn more about SafeWojak?

Stay tuned for more articles and updates. Important dates:

  • June 9, 2021: New website update for SafeWojak.com
  • June 11, 2021: Whitepaper V2 with platform details
  • June 14–17: Keynote AMA on Telegram (minor sessions held twice/week)
  • Last week of June: Beta tester applications for SafeWojak Platform

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SafeWojak is a due diligence trading platform which equips crypto traders with the necessary tools to perform screening, charting and more. Visit SafeWojak.com!